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The IDS Web Service

The IDS Web service provides tools to browse time series of DORIS-related products.

Besides products provided by the CNES Orbitography Team and the IDS components (Analysis Centers and Combination Center), this service allows comparing time evolutions of coordinates for DORIS and GNSS stations in co-location, thanks to a collaboration with the IGS Terrestrial Frame Combination Center.

You can get to know DOR-O-T more in details by consulting the brochure online.

The tools

The tools proposed by this web service are:

The time series

The time series that can be visualized with the plot tools are:

Following the tab Station position, you can access to DORIS time series from the IDS Analysis Centers and the combined series from the IDS Combination Center.
Following the tab Network viewer, you can access to the DORIS combined time series from the IDS Combination Center and GNSS combined time series at colocated sites from the IGS TRF Combination Center.

About the plot tools

The plot tools contain utilities for selecting charts to plot, displaying time series, editing data, changing plot appearance, specifying scaling, downloading data, plots and graph statistics in several formats.
They are equipped with statistic tools for the calculation of mean, slope and weighted rms with respect to the slope (Weighted Relative Standard Deviation).
Several series can be viewed and compared on the same graph. Additional data can also be displayed, such as station or satellite events.
A help online is available too.

About the network viewer

The interactive global map visualizes the DORIS sites and co-locations with other space geodetic techniques (only IGS GNSS sites for the moment). It also helps in easily selecting sites stations for the time series plot tools, and getting access to site information. The time line at top of the map can be used to display the network over time.

About the data

Station coordinates time series are generated from the STCD files provided by IDS Analysis Centers and available on the IDS Data Centers (CDDIS, IGN).
Orbit performance time series are outputs of the CNES POE processing for the DORIS missions. Yearly plots per satellite and per station are available here.
Satellite events are extracted from the list of the main events that occurred on the DORIS system elements with the exception of the station network. This list can be seen here.
Station events are extracted from the list of the main events that occurred on the DORIS station network (new sites, new antennas, removed sites, failures...) with information on data gaps, invalidated data... This list can be seen here.
Information about recent earthquakes are also obtained from USGS survey service and added to the station events data available for the Plot tools.

Technical details

The plot tools are based on the Highcharts/Highstock libraries.

The network viewer is an interactive global map application called Mapshup.

These applications may not work properly with Microsoft Internet Explorer. We recommend to use browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome or Safari.